Introducing Vessel Sponsorships.

Reach a growing mass of experience-hungry enthusiasts built around original content and meaningful engagement.  


A Library of Actionable Media.

Vessel is the first platform to convert those boring, static city guides and restaurant lists into visually-rich interactive maps. By leveraging our vertical video and image content interface, content creators and digital storytellers are disseminating one-of-kind guides using Vessel.

50,000+ High-Intent Map Interactions / month

60hrs+ of Content Viewed / month


Why Publishers Choose Vessel.

Digital content publishers exist in an 'innovate or die' industry, an industry where the only metric that truly matters is the Engagement Rate: a measurement of reader intent expressed through secondary actions, divided by the content's viewership. These days, if the content isn't 1. Credible, 2. Relevant, 3. Interactive and 4. Measurable, audience engagement and monetization become an uphill battle.

As an enabling media and technology solution, Vessel is positioned to help publishers succeed.  


Our focus:

  • Increasing Engagement

  • Measuring Real Actions

  • Driving Revenue.

Engagement Rate Averages 3x Higher than Influencer-Generated Content on Instagram.

Content View Time Increased by an Average of 2min

A Growing Network Reach of 2Million+ 




The Vessel Ecosystem

Vessel attracts pre-vetted content creators who have an intrinsic motivation to build a captivated audience, create a brand safe environment, and a positive ad experience that drives storytelling and embraces viewable media.

90% of the content published through the Vessel platform consists of travel guides, city guides, and restaurant recommendation lists.


The End-Users interacting with Vessel maps are:

Primarily between the ages of 18-32 (75%)

  • Return Visitors attracted by the publisher's promotion of updated or new content. (60%)

  • Organic/New Visitors possessing a high intent to discover unique points of interest. (40%)


The Motto: Remain Relevant and Create Curiosity.

Our goal is to generate organic viewership through the most engaging touchpoints across the Vessel product and the Vessel Network.

We've identified two high-interaction points that frequently engage a user throughout their discovery process: Custom Pins and a Navigation Hijack. Compared to other paid channels, our results show that these points are 3x more effective for both direct conversions and brand recognition. 


Ad Formats:

Sponsored Pins

Navigation "Nav" Hijack


Sponsored Pins

Perfect for location-based advertisements, the SP customizes your pin's size, shape, and color. This ad model is designed and proven to increase primary actions, secondary actions, and video views. 

Format: Custom pin containing a carousel of vertical image and/or video content.  

Tracking: Direct and in-direct traffic. 

Pricing: Based on guide's Engagement Rate and Avg. Monthly Uniques. 


Nav hijack

Tap into our network of brand safe publishers to hijack an active guide or build a unique campaign more tailored to your goals. 

Experience-hungry readers spend over 60 hours a month viewing content on Vessel. Next to the map itself, users are heavily dependent on the navigation bar throughout their discovery process. 

Format: Linkable brand placement on maps of relevant content. Title curation and partnership description. 

Tracking: Direct and in-direct traffic - Weekly reports through Vessel. 

Pricing: Based on guide's Engagement Rate and Avg. Monthly Uniques.



Every day, new publishers are signing up for Vessel. As the library continues to grow, pricing is expected to increase over time. We check the inquires frequently, so please be patient and understand that not every advertiser is a fit.