Tips & Takeaways

All of the ins and outs of newly developed features and integrations.



The Directory

The Directory

With the addition of The Directory, you now have access to the information stored in a backend catalog of your previously featured venues to make including them in your latest Vessel map(s) a snap! 

Content Styles for Better Results

vertical video styles

The popularity of vertical video is on the rise. Check out this T&T to learn about the content styles that generate more engagement. 


Vessel Dashboard Walk-Through


This tutorial will teach you how to interpret your Guide Manager, Venue Analytics, and Insights Dashboard so you can make the most of your Vessel experience. 

Leveraging Your Instagram Stories Archive

archived IG stories

Organic DIY video content is in high demand. A good way to augment or begin building your video content repository is to leverage your Instagram Stories Archive.


Sponsored Pins


Sponsored Pins are perfect for brand collabs. They can be customized to provide your partners with a worthwhile investment that is organic to their look and feel.



InstaSearch is an Instragram API integration that allows you to run hashtagged searches for content acquisition. This feature is designed to help you incorporate visual content directly from Instagram into your Vessel maps.


Squarespace: Getting Started


In order to make our maps more accessible, we have made our integration with Squarespace easy. You don't need to download a plugin nor do you need an API Key. Instead, you can just follow the few simple steps to get going.

Introducing: The Map Editor


As you create a new campaign, add venue's and upload content, your map begins to take shape. All of your hard work can be finalized and previewed in the Map Editor.


WordPress: Getting Started


Follow these 3 STEPS to get started with the Vessel plugin for WordPress.