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What are Sponsored Pins (SPs)?

Perfect for location-based advertisements, the SP is a single eye catching pin designed to create curiosity and drive reader engagement. This high performing ad unit is native, video-ready, optimized for a user-friendly mobile experience, and completely measurable.

Format: Custom pin containing a carousel of vertical image and/or video content.  

Tracking: Direct and in-direct traffic. Vessel to send weekly reports and reports on request.

Pricing: Based on publisher’s Monthly Unique Visitors x $10 CPM / Campaign Duration.

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SP Case Study

Unit D Pizzeria x ATX Bites


Vessel publishers

Why Publishers Choose Vessel’s Interactive Maps.

Digital content publishers exist in an 'innovate or die' industry, an industry where the only metric that truly matters is the Engagement Rate: a measurement of reader intent expressed through actionable metrics. Food, travel and city guides attract high-intent audiences in search of things to do by way of credible, local voices.

Guides integrated with Vessel see an increase in content View Time, Dwell Time, Content Engagement, Advertiser interest and SEO.

In short, we…

  • Increase Engagement

  • Unlock Revenue Opportunities

  • Help Publishers Measure Real Actions

  • Increase SEO


Engagement Rate Averages 8x Higher than Influencer-Generated Food, Travel or Lifestyle Content on Instagram.

Content View Time Increased by an Average of 45secs - 2min



Every day, Vessel Publishers are deploying food, travel and city guides with Vessel - the reach of our network expands in parallel.

We check the inquires frequently, so please be patient and understand that not every advertiser is a fit.