The Map Editor

Everything You Need To Know

As you create a new campaign, add venue's and upload content, your map begins to take shape. All of your hard work can be previewed in the Map Editor. 

The Map Editor is a customizable interface that enables you to see your maps without constantly refreshing or updating the post on your website. 

In addition to previewing your content, we've included an array of modifiable features that will enhance your reader's discovery-experience. 


Where To Find It

Click Edit Campaign in the main dashboard, then you'll find the Map Editor in the top left. (see below) 

ME 1.png
ME 2.png

The Map Editor In Action: 

Skip to 3:25 in the video below!




Current Features include: 


  • Default Map Height

  • Pin Clustering

  • Show Venue Labels

  • Show "Full Screen" txt

  • Scroll Lock

  • Default Pitch


  • Menu Display Setting

  • Menu Logo

  • Venue Tags


  • Zoom Controls

  • Default Zoom Positioning


More features that matter are in the works.

Leave a comment below, let us know how you like it!