Sponsored Pins

Sponsored Pins

What You Need to Know

Sponsored Pins (SPs) are perfect for location-based advertising. They can be sold to brands seeking to advertise on your site. SPs adhere to native advertising standards and can be customized by size, shape, and color to provide your brand partners with a worthwhile investment that is organic to their look and feel. This ad model is designed and proven to increase the advertising brand’s click through rate, view time, search visibility, and engagement rate, ergo big returns for your own brand.

How to Create an SP


As you can see in this tutorial, the activated SP, Minitas Beach Club & Restaurant, has a distinct look from the other brands featured on this list.

Tips On Using This Feature:

  • The SP functionality is only available to those with an INDY Pro Plan.

  • Guides that contain an SP should be offered prime real estate and exposure. Examples include: home page slider, dedicated social media post, etc.

  • SPs can be sold to advertisers in two ways. The choice is yours: 1. Pay Per Click (PPC); 2. Pay Per Action (PPA)

  • It is recommended that you provide your advertisers with key performance insights. INDY Pro users have access to Venue Analytics which share Moment Views, Moment ViewTime, Content Engagement Rate, Action Clicks, and more.

• • •

Brands that help other brands succeed achieve more, and SPs are a great way to do just that. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us or leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!